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Sam Seiden

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Life is so much more than working endless hours just to pay the bills. You each have unique gifts & talents; you were placed on this earth for a great purpose. The best way to fully step in to that calling is to free up your time. **Are you building your legacy?” These are the words of Sam Seiden which has made great impact

One of the renowned names in the field of forex trading is Sam Seiden. He first hooked up as the chief trading strategist and instructor at online trading academy where he gathered and understood the working of this trade. In the following years, Sam Seiden has been associated with the business sector since 1991.

In his long journey as a trader, he has exchanged equities, futures, interest fee market products, forex, options, and commodities. Though he pursue this for his own vested interests for quite some time now. Besides this he has also instructed and mentored a huge number of traders and financial specialists through interactive sessions where he would counsel and tutor them one on one. Furthermore he would undertake advisory services on a daily basis, both locally and around the globe. Today many look up to him for his valuable counsel on forex trading and called upon for the same.

Sam Seiden 1

Sam is better known for his trading, specialized technical research, and instructive direction. He has worked as the Director of technical research for two trading firms.

Sam Seiden has successful accomplishments in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Floor wherein he facilitated the institutional order flow. He has also authored the Market Advisory Letters. He is the most revered speaker in various investment groups, universities, trading and investment conferences, and private seminars. He is an active contributoras an author for stocks, futures, and options magazine, active trader magazine, and futures magazine.

He is a sought after as a power trading radio guest. He has also published, “Lessons from the Pros author” which is a popular read amongst all forex traders. Sam is very well versed in this field. He has diversified in dealing in Canadian markets; European markets; Indian markets; Indonesian markets; Singapore markets; UK markets; US markets. He has studied graduate programs and has been a part of the mastermind community.

Sam started his profession at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the biggest budgetary trade around the globe, where he encouraged institutional order stream. This enabled him to consummate the aptitude of real time market timings, the capacity to anticipate market turns and market moves. He was well ahead of his time and was endowed with the highest level of precision and accuracy.

More than 20 years prior to this, through this experience, he built up the first supply and demand market timing strategic procedure. Sam has a broad involvement and exposure in every money related market, for more than 20 years now of trading and managing assets in the stock, options, futures, forex, and bond markets. He is a highlighted writer, frequent radio and TV guest, and continuous supporter of the industry driving publications.

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