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Rayner Teo

Rayner Teo

A forex trader to watch out for is Rayner Teo. If you want to know why it is because he is a ‘hard sell’.  Not easy on those trying to create wealth by opening account in forex, Rayner Teo is sharp, cutting yet very insightful.

About Rayner Teo:

Rayner Teo is a free broker cum trader, an ex-prop merchant, and the author of the book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Trend Following’ He is the most sought after forex trader in Singapore with in excess of 100,000 traders reading and following fervently his blogs month on month. His blog site ‘Trading with Rayner’ has the essential that nay newcomer as well as a veteran will to know of this domain.

As Rayner describes himself that he’s not a multi-millionaire tycoon trader, neither has he owned or has driven big luxurious cars, nor he owns a penthouse anywhere. He is only the proud founder and owner of Trading with Rayner, an autonomous trading institution all in itself, and the most pursued trader in Singapore.

Rayner admits that he spent significant time in contemplating incredible research and comprehending how to trade from individuals substantially more qualified than him. Simultaneously, he applies his learning on the current trends of trading to discover and explore what truly reaps results and which strategy does not work. Finally, with all the measured trials and errors, he shares them with individual traders for beneficial returns on invested money. He also shares his insights so that these traders can emerge into reliable traders in the future.

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Perseverance and Patience is the key:

A question that has always lingered in his mind is whether all this hoo-hooplah of trading with Rayner worth anybody’s time and consideration? Honestly after pondering over, the answer is NO… for him!! To substantiate his answer he says that, for reasons unknown, individuals compare trading to “make easy money.” And this was exactly what pulled him to the business in 2009. In his opinion it would be a pain free source of income and that would be consistent. But on the contrary, trading requires perseverance and patience. So, Rayner says that in case you are not patient enough, trading is a misfit!!

Develop your own approach:

He also advises forex brokers to follow eminent forex traders who have made a name for themselves but not to be blind followers. One has to develop his/her own strategies to make money in forex.

Also, the trading space is enormous. Many of us most likely have known facets like assets, liabilities, debt equity, P/E, P/B, P/S, and so on. Rayner confesses that he is not an account expert. He’s not an investor. He is merely a trader and what matters to him is the “price.” Thus, if anybody wants to learn how to trade or wants to become an expert trader, then this platform is meant for them explicitly.

Only hard working people invited:

Lastly, Rayner strongly supports the theory that this platform is not for lazy people. Trading demands hard work and the eagerness to learn. So if you are willing to be dedicated, then come and join the team of winners.

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